Peach Flat Animals Gallery

Welcome to the Peach Flat Animals Gallery.  Below are some images we have collected and photographed over the years showing the beauty of Peach Flat. Click on an image to enlarge it then use the tabs on the side to look at the other photos.

  1. Frog on window
  2. Butterfly or Moth 1
  3. Butterfly or Moth 5
  4. Butterfly or Moth 6
  5. Setting up the bee-hives
  6. Pobble-Bonk Frog
  7. Brush Tail Possum raiding the compost bin
  8. Butterfly or Moth 4
  9. Wombat
  10. Pobble-Bonk Frogs eggs
  11. Rock Wallaby raiding our garden!
  12. Stick insect
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